Directed Self-Assessment
Analysis of your interests, skills, and experience, and how greater knowledge of these elements can lead you to increased career success and satisfaction.

Job Search Strategy and Marketing
Once you know who you are and what kind of position you are seeking, creating a comprehensive and multi-faceted marketing plan is the way to get there as quickly as possible. Learn how to craft a workable plan, and get comfortable with and use Networking to your best advantage.

Resume Development
Create a powerful and readable reflection of your professional accomplishments and experience that can be easily updated throughout your career.

Cover Letter Development
The secret edge of the successful job seeker, learn how to compose letters which set you apart from your competitors, grab the reader's attention, open doors and get you the interview.

Interview Skills Development
Customized mock interviews, designed to address your individual issues, and prepare you to engage in the shared power of the interview process.

Negotiation Skills
Learn the critical skills necessary to make the most of the "Power of the Offer".

Navigating the Workplace
Strategies to move you up or through your current organization. Conflict resolution, managing your manager, staff and colleagues for greater harmony and productivity. Strategies for upward mobility, problem solving and other issues can be addressed.

I offer you a half hour consultation at no charge.

This gives you an opportunity to get to know me and to see how I work, and for me to get a sense of where you are in the process. We can then determine together what services you need. These services can be conducted by phone or in person. You do not need to commit to any number of sessions, or for any length of time.

Please contact me for an affordable rate schedule.
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Renee Howatt is a career management consultant with over twenty years of experience in both the academic & outplacement environments.